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Your project management partner Contracktime®, Industrial project follow-up collaborative tool

Why choose contracktime® ?


claims & disputes by 80%


Schedule & budget variations in real time


your project costs by 2% to 5%

Bad news communicated early is good news!

With Contracktime® SAAS as your team's partner, you'll have all the keys in hand to act swiftly on variations identified in real time in your projects, thanks to a rigorous, methodical approach.

The solution generates synthetic, thematic and chronological reports to give you a detailed history of your project's schedule and cost variations.

You have at your disposal supporting documents necessary to determine contractual responsibilities and commercially value of an event not foreseen in your budget.


to implement

● SAAS solution

● No IT requirements


to handle

● Minimal change to working environment: The solution is designed to interface with your Microsoft environment (Outlook, Excel, and Project)

● Personalized onboarding offered to teams: 45-minute presentation of the tool before use.

● Service Help Desk

● Users choose their own language (FR, NL, EN, DE, ES, IT)


in everyday use

● Less than 5min per day per user

● Intuitive

● Quick

● User Friendly


Data security

● Data storage security is a priority for us, which is why we work with AWS, a world leader in cloud platforms


in managing your budgets

● Low monthly cost compared with opportunities to optimize budgets and improve customer relations

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How does it work?

The solution consists of 3 MODULES that work independently that you can combine according to your needs.


1. The company creates a project to which areas and packages can be added if a follow-up by geographical area and/or technical workpackage is planned

2. The user creates the contract(s) associated with the project.

3. For each contract the user imports, if applicable, the schedule in MS PROJECT format and the list of price items in EXCEL format


Install the Microsoft Store certified Contracktime® Add-in for Outlook from your Outlook Online or Desktop

Associate your emails directly from your Outlook environment:

To topics discussed

Record the time spent on the topic

To the planning tasks of the impacted contracts

To price items of your contracts and record quantity variations

To areas if you are tracking your project geographically

To packages if you are tracking your project technically

The module works in a collaborative way

Several users in copy of the same email ? the associations made by one user are common and displayed for everyone

A conversation of emails ? no need to associate each email, the answers and transfers are automatically associated each time the Add-in is opened

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Write in one place the minutes of your meetings and discussions with any party to the project

Find all the key and recognized markers of minutes (classification of points by section, action field, deadline, open/close status, add attachments, list of participants)

Keep track of exchanges with the revision and version modes, especially for your recurring meetings

Like the Email module, associate each item discussed in your minutes

The module works in a collaborative way

Several users participate in the meeting ? the associations made by one user are common and displayed for everyone

Several items concern the same topic ? link them together, make associations on a point and copy in one click the whole discussion and its revisions and versions

Export the minutes in EXCEL or PDF ready for signature


Save and keep your progress reports, whether it is for the PLANNING follow-up or the PRICE ITEMS of your contracts


  • From a simple MS Project import
  • Follow the % of progress per contract
  • Define the progress periods of your choice
  • Keep the history of the progress reports
  • Ergonomics adapted to tablets


  • From a simple import of the predefined Excel form
  • Track the quantities completed
  • Define the progress periods of your choice
  • Keep the history of the progress reports
  • Export to Excel as invoicing support document
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Generate your REPORTS

Also available for export in Project, PDF and Excel formats

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