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Welcome to the contracktime® community

  • I am an user,

– I create an account for free to join the contracktime® user community

– Only my chosen username and the extension of my email address xxx@extension.com will be visible to all customer companies

– I configure my working environment according to the language of my choice

– I can work for several client companies simultaneously

I am a company,

I create an account from which :

– I add my users to my organization

– I create my projects

– I define my teams for each project

– I set a rate and mobilization dates for each member

– I assign a security role to control user access to the various project data

The company selects from the community, with their agreement, the users it wishes to integrate into its organization. The company can use as many users as necessary, there is no individual license management!

The company forms a team of users per project. A user can be part of several teams simultaneously. Within a team, the company assigns a security role to each user.

The “Project Manager” role gives access to all project data.

The “Project Resource” role gives only restricted access to the data of certain contracts in the project. The user can only see the data of the contracts to which he has access.

  1. For optimal use, each person involved in your project shall be a Contracktime® user, whether they are
  • From administrative to project management,
  • In support (legal, financial, commercial, operations, general management)
  • Full time or part time
  • In your office or outsourced,
  • Employee, service provider, independent, freelance

    Are you ready to go even further in a collaborative and open management of your project?

    ü  Add the employees of

    1.      Your partners if your project is a joint venture

    2.      Your subcontractors, suppliers

    3.      Your clients !

    ü  The security role “project resource” allows you to limit the access of a user to the data of a specific contract only. The user does not have access to the planning and commercial data of other contracts. This allows you to work together without revealing your business strategy.

    Contracktime® processes information that is common and shared between the entire chain of actors involved in your project. The fact that it is shared makes it indisputable; no party can question its existence whether in a friendly discussion or in court.

     The parties are linked and therefore have a vested interest in dealing with the contractual and commercial consequences of this information together at the time it is produced. The collaborative approach will always guarantee time savings, a fairer valuation of the differences and a healthier commercial relationship!

Regardless of the size of a project, whether it is 200K€ or more than 500M€, the contractual and commercial management methodology remains the same. Only the volume of data to be processed varies. Contracktime is suitable for any size of project.

Your data is stored in the EU on servers hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) meeting the highest security requirements

The subscription is per project and per use. As soon as your project is completed you terminate your subscription and you keep free read-only access to your data for a defined period of time (see T&C) to allow you to clear your account.

How is contracktime® implemented in your organization?

A 100% secure web application in the cloud at AWS.

A certified contracktime® Add-in for Outlook available for free on the Microsoft Store directly accessible from your Outlook online or desktop

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Any industry
Any project size
Adapted to projects carried out in joint venture.
Any type of contract whatever
  • Your own contracts
  • Your clients’ contracts when the mission provides for their management
Any type of contract follow-up according to:
  • The schedule
  • Quantities of price items
  • Both at the same time